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Lake Tahoe Ironman!   Leave a comment

By Tim Hauserman


Start of Ironman

Start of Ironman


You’ve been seeing them all summer, but especially the last month. Riding the Kings Beach-Tahoe City-Truckee Triangle with their beautiful Tri bikes. Swimming along the shoreline of Lake Tahoe. Or running on the bike trail between Tahoe City and Squaw Valley. They are Ironman athletes, training for what is regarded as one of the toughest Ironman competitions in the world, the second annual Ironman Lake Tahoe, on September 21st.

The Lake Tahoe Ironman begins in Kings Beach. The racers step into the chilly waters of Lake Tahoe at 7 am for a 2.4 mile open water swim. They emerge from the water and try to quickly transition to their bike. A bit of a challenge since they are freezing cold. There is plenty of time to warm up, however, as now they face a 112 mile bike ride. They head towards Tahoe City, then down the Truckee River corridor to Truckee, where after wondering around Truckee they ride back to Kings Beach. Ah, but first they have to take a tour of Northstar and climb over Brockway Summit. From Kings Beach they do another complete lap, and then continue on from Kings Beach to Tahoe City again before heading into Squaw Valley.



Cycling along Lake Tahoe


Now it’s time for the athletes to run a Marathon. That’s right. After swimming nearly 2 and a half miles, and riding a grueling 112 miles, they have to run a marathon. The run takes the racers through Squaw Valley and a tour of the Resort at Squaw Creek before heading down the bike trail towards Tahoe City. They run several laps to get in the necessary number of miles before racing or stumbling to the grand finale in Squaw Valley. But they don’t have much time to stumble, because the clock is ticking and they have to finish before midnight to be Ironmen.



The last leg


If racing in the Ironman is not in the cards, you definitely want to watch it. You can join the thousands of volunteers helping the athletes, or pick a spot along the course to cheer them on. There are a number of traffic restrictions and road closures in the Tahoe-Truckee region on September 21, so be sure and find out all the details at the official Ironman Lake Tahoe website.


(Photos from the Ironman Website)


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The Annual Shakespeare at Sand Harbor Festival – Lake Tahoe, Nevada   Leave a comment

By Michelle Portesi


Photo from website

Photo from website


Well oops! There is so much going on here at Lake Tahoe to write about, that we’ve missed posting about the Annual Shakespeare at Sand Harbor Festival, which started July 11th.  But no need to fret, fortunately you’ve still got plenty of time to catch a performance, as the festival runs through August 24th.

There’s nothing like an evening under the stars, a glass of wine and thou.

This year’s performances feature the romantic comedy ‘As You Like It’, with tickets ranging from $15 – $85.

In addition, the theater group has Monday Night’s off, and those of us long familiar with the Shakespeare plays are treated to something a little different. Here’s the calendar:

July 21 – Henry Ford and Thomas Edison

July 28 – Swan Lake

August 4 – The Funk of James Brown

August 11 – Sweeney Todd

August 18 – Booker T


Image from South Lake Tahoe Blog - Jeff Dow -

Image from South Lake Tahoe Blog – Jeff Dow –


Do be sure to bring a picnic. Last year, we sat next to some vacationers who marveled at our ‘spread’ of culinary delights. “We had no idea you could do this!” they exclaimed. Yes, we locals know that bringing good eats and beverages is as much a part of the annual event as the performances themselves.  Don’t feel like going through the hassle? Many local stores make picnic baskets for the event. You can also reserve the Premium Seating and Cafe Table sections or avail yourselves of the food and wine booths and be treated to the Gourmet Offerings from ‘Shakespeare’s Kitchen’ right at the venue. (Do plan to come early to partake. Gates open at 5:30pm).

Also note, that lower gallery is assigned seating. The upper gallery requires you to bring your own low backed chairs and picnic blankets.

Go to for more information.


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22nd Annual Valhalla Renaissance Faire!   Leave a comment

A Celebration of Magic, Mayhem and Merriment –

May 31- June 1  and  June 7-8, 2014 ~ Camp Richardson, South Lake Tahoe


"Good Day to you M' lady! (photo by Michelle Portesi)

“Good Day to you,  M’ lady!
(photo by Michelle Portesi)


We all know that summer is soon upon us when the return of the Renaissance Faire comes to town. It is truly one of those events that has historically kicked off the upcoming summer season for us.

If you have ever had the hankering to gnaw on a bulbous Turkey leg a la King Henry the 8th, or just wanted a good excuse to dress up in a corseted frock, this is just the event for you.  Costumes of the period abound (and these people REALLY get into it!), strolling minstrels entertain with popular tunes of the day and every sort of eating, drinking and making merry can be found. And you get to join in the fun! Dressing up and participating is fully encouraged.

(I do recommend those of you who have seen ‘A Knight’s Tale’ one too many times to stay away from entering the joust however. You’ve been warned…)


Now THIS is a face mask! Woodland nymph edition. Just perfect for when you throw that next masquerade ball! (Photo by Michelle Portesi)

Now THIS is a face mask! Woodland nymph edition. Just perfect for when you throw that  next period piece masquerade ball. (Photo by Michelle Portesi)



Held underneath the pines at Camp Richardson in South Shore, you’ve just entered a twilight zone time warp into the days of Queen Elizabeth I – the one, the only, the original. These were the days when men were men (while in tights), and women were women (a fact highly visible via the generous decolletage often on display). And both looked exceedingly uncomfortable if gloriously historical…

You might even see a character or two from a Mid Summer’s Night Dream.  There was even Pirate Extraordinaire Jack Sparrow wandering around one year. I’m still not quite sure what that was all about…

(Sadly no, it was not THE Johnny Depp).




Photo by Michelle Portesi

Photo by Michelle Portesi



But I digress. It’s a real hoot and a lot of fun, not to mention, very educational for you and the kids. In our highly automated, modern day world, it allows us a small glimpse into a much simpler – and yet more difficult time, where even the most mundane everyday task was often extremely labor intensive. (Tell that to your kids the next time they moan about doing their chores. They could be swabbing out the pig stye instead. By which I mean the one the pigs sleep in…not their rooms.)

You, on the other hand, just get to experience the fun parts. Eating. Drinking. Dressing Up. No worries, as someone else is minding the outdoor kettle/rotisserie spit/barbie for you.

In addition to food, there are also puppet shows, parades, trinket booths, clothing purveyors and period craftsmen of every kind and much more.



Well this is just perfect! Why just yesterday I thought to myself that I needed a new set of chain male. And look! Here someone has gone and done all the tedious crimping and bending for me! (Photo by Michelle Portesi)

Well this is just perfect! Why only yesterday I thought to myself that I really needed a new set of chain male to wear around the castle. And look! Here someone has gone and done all that tedious crimping and bending of all those little wire rings for me!  I’ll be totally stylin’ at the next Norman invasion!
(Photo by Michelle Portesi)


Mandolin’s anyone?


ren 6

Photo by Michelle Portesi


For more information on the Valhalla Renaissance Faire, here’s the link:


See you there!

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