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New Lake Tahoe and Truckee Real Estate Stats Posted   Leave a comment

Happy 2016!  Here is the Market Review for 2015.

Below is a link with the 10 year review of Real Estate Market Results for North Lake Tahoe and Truckee.  Scroll down to see the Market Review comparing 2015 to 2014.


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Recent market stats, 2015 vs 2014, for North Lake Tahoe and Truckee are posted here:


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Squaw Valley Institute: The medicinal use of marijuana.   Leave a comment

By Tim Hauserman

Eight year old North Tahoe resident Julian Gaube suffers from cerebral palsy and a rare form of epilepsy called Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome. For a time, Julian suffered up to 30 seizures in a day, and his parents began desperately searching for an answer to reduce the number and length of Julian’s seizures. They discovered, CBD, a compound produced by marijuana which doesn’t have the “get you high” effect of the THC portion of the plant, but which has been shown to help kids living with seizure disorders. While Julian still has seizures, they are much less frequent and less devastating then they were in the past.

Julian’s mom, Moonshine Ink Associate Editor Kara Fox, will tell her son’s story as the introduction to a special presentation by the Squaw Valley Institute on the medical benefits of cannabis, and the research that is being done to use cannabis to improve people’s health.

Following Fox, a panel discussion on the topic will be led by Denver Relief Consulting co-founders Kayvan Khalatbari and Ean Seeb. Denver Relief is a cannabis dispensary which regularly serves several thousand patients in Denver, Colorado. According to the Squaw Valley Institute “Khalatbari worked with entrepreneurs pursuing business in the cannabis field who are interested in social responsibility and like minded endeavors.” He was also a founding board member of the Board of Directors for the Medical Marijuana Assistance Program of America (MMAPA), and works with at-risk kids through the Denver Kids program.

The event will be held at the Resort at Squaw Creek, on January 29th. Door open at 5:30 and the presentation begins at 6:30 pm. Tickets are $15.00 for adults and free for SVI members. For information go to

Upcoming Squaw Valley Institute event: On February 4th, Meg Crofton, Retired Walt Disney Executive, will share her amazing experience of working for Disney for 35 years.

Stay Winter Safe in the Sierras!   Leave a comment

By Tim Hauserman

Rare snow conditions have created more avalanche danger in the Tahoe Basin this year than we normally experience in a decade.

A few were caught in avalanches, but fortunately, lived to tell the tale.

Sadly, one winter enthusiast wasn’t so fortunate. Recently a 23 year old Sugar Bowl Ski Instructor, Curtis May, didn’t return to his locker after an afternoon of skiing in heavy snow. An extensive search by hundreds of volunteers, ski area employees, and law enforcement personnel had to be called off after several days after May was not found.

Unfortunately, tragic circumstances such as this are not unheard of in the winter paradise that is Tahoe. Skiers and snowboarders get lost or caught in avalanches. Fortunately, Tahoe has a number of highly trained rescue personnel that go out and save the vast majority of those lost, but the goal of all should be to stay safe in the backcountry and avoid putting yourself and rescuers in danger.

Tahoe Nordic Search and Rescue Team, a group which might be the group which heads out into the snow to find you if you get lost, has created a Winter Awareness brochure which provides useful information to keep people safe.

Here are a few key points:

Before you go:
Check the weather forecast.

Check the avalanche report
Check your equipment and make sure everything is in working order.
Bring a basic emergency kit
Dress in layers, avoid cotton, and bring enough layers in case you are stuck in the cold for a long period of time.
Be fed, hydrated and well rested

Go with a fully charged cell phone. Search and rescue got a few pings off the missing individual’s cell phone, but it stopped soon after. Rescuers are assuming the battery died.

Consider investing in an avalanche beacon. They are at a nominal cost and can help rescuers find you should you get caught in an avalanche.

Before you go, tell a responsible person the three W’s:

Where you are going
When you will be returning
Who you are going with.

Once you are out on your adventure:

Recognize and avoid avalanche prone terrain. If you are backcountry skiing or heading out of bounds you owe it to yourself and those who rescue you to be fully trained in avalanche danger, and to act responsibly.

Don’t ski out of bounds. A snowboarder recently posted a video of what his go pro caught as he triggered an avalanche in a restricted area at Sugarbowl the same day May went missing. He was a very lucky man to be alive, however Sugarbowl is considering legal action.

Recognize the symptoms of hypothermia and understand how to prevent it (See dress in layers above).

In case of an emergency. Remember to STOP:

Stop-Stay put in a safe place. The further you go the longer it will take rescuers to find you.
Think-Evaluate your options.
Observe-Look around and use what you see to help the situation.
Plan-Formulate a plan of action. Control your thoughts, think positive.

For more information go to




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