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Keeping Christmas and New Year’s bright!   Leave a comment


Truckee just before Christmas and the storm

Well it’s happened once again, the quiet fall is just about to turn into the mad tumult of the Christmas/New Year’s holiday period – Tahoe’s busiest time of year.

It looks like the snow is here and the resorts will be bedecked with a new layer of white, just in time for the holidays, and with the snow there are a few things to think about during these busy two weeks:

To our visitors

Welcome to Tahoe-Truckee. Thanks so much for visiting. We love showing off our beautiful community and appreciate your business. We ask that you have patience and understand that our roads and businesses don’t usually accommodate this many people so things may get slow and busy sometimes. Be sure to bring emergency supplies, extra food and water and games in your car in case  of traffic snarls in a storm, and Drive Carefully. Please don’t park on a county or Town of Truckee road as you will block snow removal operations and can be cited. Aside from the ski areas we have a host of other things to do at Tahoe. Try cross-country skiing, sledding, or attending a cultural event.

If you are a resident of Tahoe-Truckee.

Have patience. While it gets very crowded between December 20 and January 5th, it is an important infusion of cash into the challenging environment that is owning a small business in Tahoe. In other words, those visitors who crowd the restaurants and the supermarkets, are what enables us to have those businesses be available for us to enjoy the other 11.5 months of the year.   And to all…… Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.



Snowshoeing in the woods near my home

It’s the most wonderful (and busy) time of the year!   Leave a comment



It’s here, the Christmas season! In between the company parties, dance performances, ski races and get togethers with friends and family, there are also some uniquely Tahoe/Truckee events available this season that you may want to check out:

December 19-The Incline Library is holding a Christmas Story Time and Party from 4-5 pm for all ages. (775) 832-4130

December 20-Northstar’s Noel Nights. Ice skating, pictures with Santa, fire pits, smore’s, The Great Basin Carolers, sleigh rides and lots more at all the shops, including a book signing with local 12 year old writer Eleanor Hamilton

December 22-Squaw Valley Institute presents Bethany Hamilton, the Hawaiian teenager whose arm was bitten off by a shark while surfing. Her inspiring story of how she got back up on her board was the basis of the movie, Soul Surfer.

December 23-Holiday Kick Off party, Celebrate the opening of the new Tahoe City Winter Sports Park, which will provide cross-country skiing and sledding on the grounds of the Tahoe City Golf Course. The party will include a family style dinner, games, music and a visit from Santa. (530) 583-3796 ext 21

January 1st-New Year’s Day Breakfast, Tahoe Cross-Country Ski Area. Wind down from the holiday festivities with an on-trail breakfast from 10-11:30 am.

So Ho. Ho. Ho.

Obama Care 3.8% Tax–Does it effect you?   Leave a comment

Over the next few years, the provisions of the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare, will go into effect, as well as new tax measures to pay for the program. The tax of most concern to those selling real estate, is a 3.8% tax on investment income, which includes interest, dividends, rents as well as the capital gains from the sale of real estate. This tax goes into effect starting January 1, 2013.

To correct some of the misconceptions about the tax, the National Association of Realtors created the attached Q and A, which makes it clear that this tax is not a new real estate or transfer tax collected upon the sale of property. Instead the tax applies to capital gains (not the sales price) on the sale of real estate and other investment income, and it only applies to sellers with high incomes who meet a number of other criteria. After reviewing the attached information from the NAR, it is important that any seller contact their financial advisor to review all aspects of the law before making financial decisions.  Below are two sites for you to review.



Lynn Richardson . Coldwell Banker Real Estate . Lake Tahoe & Truckee

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Lynn Richardson . Coldwell Banker Real Estate . Lake Tahoe & Truckee

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