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Winter at Lake Tahoe WILL require some shoveling…

After a surprisingly robust snowstorm last week it is warming up again. While skiers might think the snow arrived just so they could get a quick ski before the milder temperatures of fall returned, we all know that the real reason is to remind us to get off our butts and prepare for winter. Last year yourfriendinhighplaces presented 10 steps to take to withstand the ravages of winter. Here is a new and improved list for 2012-2103:

#10 Prepare your car. Get the snow tires on. Make sure the windshield wipers work and you have plenty of windshield fluid. Check the anti-freeze and those leaking windows.

#9 Get it out of the back yard. If you see anything you will need before spring bring it inside. While you are out there, be sure to disconnect all the hoses.

#8 Heat. Make sure you have it this winter by having your furnace checked, a new filter installed if needed, and your chimney swept. A readily accessible supply of firewood is a good idea as well.

#7 No drips on your dome. If you don’t want water dripping down on your head, make sure your roof is watertight and you have taken steps to prevent any potential ice dam problems. If you have any questions, check with a roofing contractor.

#6 Be safe. Make sure your smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector are operational.

#5 Snow removal. Get a snow removal contract or test your snowblower to make sure it still works.

#4 Be ready for power outage: Have an emergency kit ready in case the power goes off and/or you are snowed in: Candles, flashlights, matches. Water bottles. Non-perishable food. And for sanity purposes: Books, games and a radio that will operate without power.

#3 Bears out. When you are away from home, shut the curtains, make sure the doors are locked and that you don’t have any perishable food available, or you may arrive home to see a very large unwanted hairy visitor has turned your home into a den.

#2 Be ready for fun. Before the snow arrives and you want to ski, snowshoe, or whatever else strikes your winter fancy, find your equipment, make sure it is in working order and replace the missing items.

#1 Water in the pipes. If the water in your pipes turns to ice, it might expand and break your pipes. When pipes break a lot of water goes into your house causing a major mess. Don’t let your pipes break by keeping the heat in your house on low, and draining your pipes when you are gone for more than a few days. If you do not have a stop and drain valve installed in your house, it is a fairly simple procedure for a plumber to install one.

So there you have it. Get out there and take care of these items so the only thing you have to worry about this winter is where you are going to ski.

Fall’s Splendor in the Mountains   Leave a comment


Welcome to my updated blog! I hope the new format will make it easier for you to find pertinent information about North Lake Tahoe, ”The Magical West Shore’, Truckee, Donner Lake and Donner Summit. Visit the links to the left to explore the North Lake Tahoe area that USA Today voted the best lake in the country. You can also use the links to help you plan your trip. Come up for a visit, and when you fall in love with the area, I’ll be here to help you find your perfect new home or vacation hideaway.

The seasons are changing, and the glory of Fall at Lake Tahoe is one of the areas best kept secrets. Gone are the summer crowds, unaware of the spectacular show they are missing. With aspen groves dressed in their most brilliant hues of shimmering gold against the backdrop of crisp blue skies and a nip in the air, it’s the perfect time for a bike ride or stroll along the areas many bike trails.

Lake Tahoe and Truckee abound in bike trails, perfect for a ride or a leisurely stroll.


Though it’s near the end of the spawning season, there is still time to visit Taylor Creek to see the Kokanee salmon and the stream profile chamber, where you can view a slice of the stream bed through the glass of the partially below ground facility.  Wander through the grounds, but do keep a look out for bears fattening up for the winter on the abundance of fish along the creek’s shores.

Kokanee salmon spawning in Taylor Creek, CA


Come up and see for yourself what locals have known about for years. The Splendor of Fall in the Mountains

And do plan for changing weather, as winter can make an unannounced and early appearance on a whim- only to be followed soon thereafter back to the lovely days of a typical Tahoe Indian Summer.


The Truckee River, Truckee, CA


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Try out Sierra Valley and Graeagle   Leave a comment

One of the great things about life in Truckee/Tahoe is that just a short distance away there are beautiful places that feel like they are in a whole different world. One of these places is Sierraville and the rest of the Sierra Valley. It’s a land of tiny towns, cattle ranches, not too many people and lots of open space. In the spring and summer it is a place of wildflowers and the cutest little farmers market you ever did see. In the fall it is a place of fall colors and wide variety of birds including hawks and herons.


Long Lake in Lakes Basin

What’s the best way to see the Sierra Valley? Grab your road bike and head down for a ride. Start your ride in Sierraville and head towards Loyalton on Highway 49. Once in Loyalton, stay on 49 to Dyson Lane north of town, or save a few miles by turning left on Heriot Lane a few miles before Loyalton, and then riding up to Dyson Lane, where you turn left. Either way, Dyson becomes A24, as it winds through the middle of the Sierra Valley, which is loaded with marshes and streams-a birders paradise. Eventually you reach Highway 70 where a left turn takes you past the Beckworth Airport to Highway A23 where you turn left and head back towards Sierraville. Your total riding distance is between 40-50 miles depending upon which route you take, with the vast bulk of it nice and flat.



Another great spot for a ride is to head a bit further north on Highway 89 to the charming town of Graeagle and the Lakes Basin. Perhaps begin your day with a yoga class in Graeagle’s new studio, Trails Within. It is located in one of those charming red buildings that make up Graeagle’s teensy downtown. Then get your heart pumping with the seven mile uphill on Gold Lakes Road to Lakes Basin, a land of beautiful lakes tucked in between granite outcroppings. Of course if you really wanted to complete your day and get a good nights sleep, you can continue past spectacular views of the Sierra Buttes to Bassets, head up over Yuba Pass back to Highway 89, and head north back to your car in Graeagle. Whew. Yes, that is a long way, but an incredible ride.






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