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Winter at Lake Tahoe WILL require some shoveling…

After a surprisingly robust snowstorm last week it is warming up again. While skiers might think the snow arrived just so they could get a quick ski before the milder temperatures of fall returned, we all know that the real reason is to remind us to get off our butts and prepare for winter. Last year yourfriendinhighplaces presented 10 steps to take to withstand the ravages of winter. Here is a new and improved list for 2012-2103:

#10 Prepare your car. Get the snow tires on. Make sure the windshield wipers work and you have plenty of windshield fluid. Check the anti-freeze and those leaking windows.

#9 Get it out of the back yard. If you see anything you will need before spring bring it inside. While you are out there, be sure to disconnect all the hoses.

#8 Heat. Make sure you have it this winter by having your furnace checked, a new filter installed if needed, and your chimney swept. A readily accessible supply of firewood is a good idea as well.

#7 No drips on your dome. If you don’t want water dripping down on your head, make sure your roof is watertight and you have taken steps to prevent any potential ice dam problems. If you have any questions, check with a roofing contractor.

#6 Be safe. Make sure your smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector are operational.

#5 Snow removal. Get a snow removal contract or test your snowblower to make sure it still works.

#4 Be ready for power outage: Have an emergency kit ready in case the power goes off and/or you are snowed in: Candles, flashlights, matches. Water bottles. Non-perishable food. And for sanity purposes: Books, games and a radio that will operate without power.

#3 Bears out. When you are away from home, shut the curtains, make sure the doors are locked and that you don’t have any perishable food available, or you may arrive home to see a very large unwanted hairy visitor has turned your home into a den.

#2 Be ready for fun. Before the snow arrives and you want to ski, snowshoe, or whatever else strikes your winter fancy, find your equipment, make sure it is in working order and replace the missing items.

#1 Water in the pipes. If the water in your pipes turns to ice, it might expand and break your pipes. When pipes break a lot of water goes into your house causing a major mess. Don’t let your pipes break by keeping the heat in your house on low, and draining your pipes when you are gone for more than a few days. If you do not have a stop and drain valve installed in your house, it is a fairly simple procedure for a plumber to install one.

So there you have it. Get out there and take care of these items so the only thing you have to worry about this winter is where you are going to ski.

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