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Oops! I don’t know about you, but this recent ‘more than a light dusting’ snow storm caught me a bit by surprise. I was still really enjoying the fall colors and wasn’t quite ready for that much white stuff yet. Seeing Jack-O-Lanterns sporting a 6″ snow hat is just plain weird.
It is what it is…but I’m still not ready to change my blog header to a winter scene! Please hold off just a little bit longer Old Man Winter!



Photo by Michelle Portesi


However, it did serve to remind me that winter really isn’t that far off, and that means it’s ski swap season. If you have kids who outgrow their equipment faster than you could ever afford to buy it new, or you just need some winter items to knock around with, there are some great bargains to be had.

Below are a list of upcoming ski swaps in the area and links to their websites for more information.

Truckee Ski and Snowboard Swap
Saturday, November 2
Truckee Community Recreation Center
Please call 530-582-7720 for more info.
Swap Hours: 11:00 am-4:00 pm
Admission $2 for Ages 13+, Kids 12 and under free!!!
Truckee Ski and Snowboard Swap

UNR Ski Swap at the Grand Sierra Resort
Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 15-17

Tahoe XC Ski Swap
Tahoe City, at Tahoe XC
Saturday, November 16th 10am-3pm.

For more information on other ski swaps that may be closer to you, visit ‘Tahoe Truckee Outdoor’
Tahoe Truckee Outdoor – Ski Swaps

pumpkin3Happy Halloween!

Here comes winter…Are you ready?   Leave a comment

Sunny skies on Sunday at Tahoe

Sunny skies on Sunday at Tahoe

Yes, it’s that time of year again. When crisp mornings are followed by warm afternoons, and the bright yellow leaves of the aspens and cottonwoods shine brightly against the deep blue skies. But then, just when you are nicely lulled into complacency with the beauty of autumn, the snows of winters arrive, usually with a vengeance with just a day or two of warning. Will you be ready?

-Are the hoses disconnected and stowed away? Has the sprinkler system been turned off and drained?
-Is everything out of the yard that you don’t want covered in snow for the next six months? Kayaks? Lawn chairs? Planters? Bike racks?
-Do you have all your firewood stacked and ready to be easily accessed so you can stoke the flames of winter?
-Has your heater been serviced?
-Have you installed a stop and drain valve to easily shut off the water in your house when you leave for an extended period?
-Have you reorganized your garage so that you can actually get a car in there? And does that car have its winter tires on? Do you need new windshield wipers?
-Is the snow blower ready to go, or the snow poles installed along the driveway so the snow plow company won’t dig up your landscaping?
-And where is that @#*& snow shovel and snow and ice scraper?

View from my office this morning!

View from my office this morning!

Phew, you’ve finished those pesky chores. Now you just have one more fun step before winter. Go shopping. Can’t find your warm gloves and need to get another pair? What about that jacket that died in April? Now’s the time, and the local businesses would love to see you come walking in the door. Or better yet look up the local ski swaps. I’ll have information on ski swaps later in the week so check back in a few days.

Finally, satisfied that you are ready, it’s time to sit back, relax and dream of what that fresh dumping of new snow will bring you: Is it a smooth glide across Euer Valley, or would you prefer to catch a view of Tahoe as you make your turns from the top of the Sherwood Chair? Or perhaps your dream is simply sipping on a hot toddy, sitting close to the crackling fire, and watching the big flakes float to the ground.

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The new market stats for the 3rd quarter for Truckee Tahoe are now posted on the Market Stats page. Click the link below to go directly to the Market Stats page.

2013 vs 2012 3rd quarter market stats


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