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Snowfest! Lake Tahoe and Truckee Winter Carnival!   Leave a comment

By Michelle Portesi



For 10 days Tahoe and Truckee celebrate snow in this long time, annual event.

Along with the Great Race, there is a Rib Cook Off, Dress Up Your Dog contest and even a Polar Bear Swim. Brrrrrr! …among many other events.
It all starts tonight at Garwoods at 5pm tonight, featuring the Snowfest Queen Coronation.

According to forcasts, Mother Nature intends to get in the act, and favor us with said white stuff starting on Saturday, so grab your gear and make plans to be in attendance for our annual homage to our Sierra lifestyle and celebrate snow!

For a complete list of events, go to the website at:





The Great Ski Race!   Leave a comment

By Tim Hauserman

After a few rough years when it was cancelled due to lake of snow, The Great Ski Race is set to roll once again on March 6th. The largest cross-country ski race in the western United States usually draws around 1000 skiers who take on the challenging 30 kilometer course from Tahoe Cross-Country Ski Area near Tahoe City to The Cottonwood Lodge above downtown Truckee.

The race attracts everyone from world class racers who chew up the course in just over an hour, to those who have the simple goal of enjoying the views and crossing the line before the cut off time. In-between is a huge mass of local and out of town skiers who are doing their best to beat their friends, or their personal bests.

The race’s first wave of top seeded racers leaves at 9:00 am, with more waves hitting the trail every few minutes after. The route follows the Yellow, Green and Orange trails of Tahoe XC, before starting to climb in earnest up to the Fiberboard Freeway. Now a long steady uphill brings the racers to Soup Station One, at about 12 kilometers from the start. Then it gets interesting: A series of long downhills, some quite steep and rutted by the time the later racers get there, interspersed with a few short uphills. The last kilometer is a narrow fast downhill followed by the Big Hill just above the finish line which is the steepest part of the course and provides boundless entertainment for those who have already finished. Once the finish line is crossed the party begins with food, drink and merriment.



The Great Ski Race is the major annual fundraiser for the Tahoe Nordic Search and Rescue Team. These are the folks who go out in a blizzard in the middle of the night to rescue those who are lost. They have a remarkable record of bringing folks back to their loved ones, as well as carry out a valuable program of education on winter survival to local children. For more information on the TNSAR check out this article:

Mountain heroes · Tahoe Nordic Search & Rescue

For information on the race go to


Squaw Valley Institute: The medicinal use of marijuana.   Leave a comment

By Tim Hauserman

Eight year old North Tahoe resident Julian Gaube suffers from cerebral palsy and a rare form of epilepsy called Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome. For a time, Julian suffered up to 30 seizures in a day, and his parents began desperately searching for an answer to reduce the number and length of Julian’s seizures. They discovered, CBD, a compound produced by marijuana which doesn’t have the “get you high” effect of the THC portion of the plant, but which has been shown to help kids living with seizure disorders. While Julian still has seizures, they are much less frequent and less devastating then they were in the past.

Julian’s mom, Moonshine Ink Associate Editor Kara Fox, will tell her son’s story as the introduction to a special presentation by the Squaw Valley Institute on the medical benefits of cannabis, and the research that is being done to use cannabis to improve people’s health.

Following Fox, a panel discussion on the topic will be led by Denver Relief Consulting co-founders Kayvan Khalatbari and Ean Seeb. Denver Relief is a cannabis dispensary which regularly serves several thousand patients in Denver, Colorado. According to the Squaw Valley Institute “Khalatbari worked with entrepreneurs pursuing business in the cannabis field who are interested in social responsibility and like minded endeavors.” He was also a founding board member of the Board of Directors for the Medical Marijuana Assistance Program of America (MMAPA), and works with at-risk kids through the Denver Kids program.

The event will be held at the Resort at Squaw Creek, on January 29th. Door open at 5:30 and the presentation begins at 6:30 pm. Tickets are $15.00 for adults and free for SVI members. For information go to

Upcoming Squaw Valley Institute event: On February 4th, Meg Crofton, Retired Walt Disney Executive, will share her amazing experience of working for Disney for 35 years.


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