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by Tim Hauserman

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Photo taken from Tahoe Ironman website

Ironman Lake Tahoe returns to the region September 20th. While the race is this weekend, the racers have been training here all summer long. You’ve seen them riding there beautiful tri bikes over Brockway Summit, swimming along the shore of Lake Tahoe, and running on the Truckee River bike trail.

When race day finally arrives, for Ironman participants it is the final culmination of years of training and for many the realization of a dream.

What is Ironman:

The race begins with an early morning 2.4 mile swim from Kings Beach. Next comes a 112 mile bike ride that includes climbing over Brockway Summit, twice. Finally, the racers take on a marathon length 26.2 mile run along the Truckee River. The difficulty of the bike course and the high altitude of the entire event make Ironman Lake Tahoe one of the most challenging Ironman’s on the world circuit.


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Photo from Ironman Lake Tahoe Website


Who will do it:

Several thousand athletes will compete in both the full and half Ironman. In addition to athletes from around the world, there is a smattering of local folks taking on the challenge who will be cheered on joyfully by their local fans.

Where do I watch it:

Pick up a copy of the Sierra Sun or North Tahoe Weekly for information on where to see the racers, traffic restrictions and road closures. The swim is in Kings Beach. The bike goes from Kings Beach to Tahoe City to Truckee, then out to Glenshire and back to Kings Beach on a Triangle loop that is repeated twice. The run starts in Squaw Valley and follows the Truckee River bike trail to Tahoe City, then goes back to Squaw, then heads back out on the bike trail for another half lap.

New route through Truckee:

This year’s Ironman has a new addition to the bike route. It will head out on Glenshire Road to Glenshire and then return to Truckee via the Truckee Legacy Bike Trail. The narrow Legacy Trail should be an excellent spot to watch the riders roar by.


One of the best ways to see the event is to volunteer to help the athletes.

Use this link to get the details on volunteering. You can also contact a local service organization such as Tahoe Cross-Country Ski Area who organizes volunteers and benefits based on the number of volunteers they recruit.



Lake Tahoe Ironman!   Leave a comment

By Tim Hauserman


Start of Ironman

Start of Ironman


You’ve been seeing them all summer, but especially the last month. Riding the Kings Beach-Tahoe City-Truckee Triangle with their beautiful Tri bikes. Swimming along the shoreline of Lake Tahoe. Or running on the bike trail between Tahoe City and Squaw Valley. They are Ironman athletes, training for what is regarded as one of the toughest Ironman competitions in the world, the second annual Ironman Lake Tahoe, on September 21st.

The Lake Tahoe Ironman begins in Kings Beach. The racers step into the chilly waters of Lake Tahoe at 7 am for a 2.4 mile open water swim. They emerge from the water and try to quickly transition to their bike. A bit of a challenge since they are freezing cold. There is plenty of time to warm up, however, as now they face a 112 mile bike ride. They head towards Tahoe City, then down the Truckee River corridor to Truckee, where after wondering around Truckee they ride back to Kings Beach. Ah, but first they have to take a tour of Northstar and climb over Brockway Summit. From Kings Beach they do another complete lap, and then continue on from Kings Beach to Tahoe City again before heading into Squaw Valley.



Cycling along Lake Tahoe


Now it’s time for the athletes to run a Marathon. That’s right. After swimming nearly 2 and a half miles, and riding a grueling 112 miles, they have to run a marathon. The run takes the racers through Squaw Valley and a tour of the Resort at Squaw Creek before heading down the bike trail towards Tahoe City. They run several laps to get in the necessary number of miles before racing or stumbling to the grand finale in Squaw Valley. But they don’t have much time to stumble, because the clock is ticking and they have to finish before midnight to be Ironmen.



The last leg


If racing in the Ironman is not in the cards, you definitely want to watch it. You can join the thousands of volunteers helping the athletes, or pick a spot along the course to cheer them on. There are a number of traffic restrictions and road closures in the Tahoe-Truckee region on September 21, so be sure and find out all the details at the official Ironman Lake Tahoe website.


(Photos from the Ironman Website)


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