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Stand up Paddleboarding: Time to give it a try!   Leave a comment


By Tim Hauserman

For a number of years I was perfectly content to get my “be out on a lake” fix via kayak. You get a nice workout, while enjoying the quiet beauty of paddling along one of our gorgeous mountain lakes. I saw a lot of paddleboarders, but when I tried it I felt tippy and my feet hurt, so I went back to my bulky but still manageable one person kayak.

Then, it seemed that paddleboarders were everywhere, and if I wanted to play with friends I better get one. I went out a few times on borrowed boards, began to get the hang of it, and dove in and purchased one. While I’m still a bit timid and feel off balance, I love the feel of the board. I love the stroke of powering your way through the water which is similar to paddling a canoe. I love that the boards are lighter and easier to maneuver then kayaks, and I especially love being able to look down through the crystal clear Lake Tahoe and Donner Lake water to the bottom of the lake. It feels like flying.

The key for me to having fun paddleboarding is to consider the conditions before going out. You want glassy calm waters and as few boat wakes as possible. Which is why, I’ve been having so much fun this fall. If you get out in the morning mid-week you often can paddle for an hour without getting assaulted by a monster boat wake.

So what do you do when you have the time to get out but the wind has come up or the lake is full of boat wakes? The solution is obvious. Kayak. Each tool has it’s place in your quiver of Tahoe toys. Now you just have to find room for it all in your garage.
Where to Go:

Lake Tahoe: Similar to a kayak, it is best not to have to carry your board too far. Here are three public choices on Tahoe’s North and West Shore that give you that opportunity:

Waterman’s Landing at Carnelian Bay: In addition to easy access, they rent boards, give lessons, and have food and restrooms.
William Kent Campground Beach: Next to Sunnyside. A very short walk…IF you can get one of the prized parking spots that are also coveted by Sunnyside patrons or employees.
Hurricane Bay: Four miles south of Tahoe City, just park along the road walk 100 feet and you are on your way.

Donner Lake: Pick your public pier or access point along the lake’s North Shore.



Springtime fun   Leave a comment

Emerald Bay with Mt Tallac in the distance.

Emerald Bay with Mt Tallac in the distance.

Like it or not, the snow appears to be melting, which means that you will soon be seeing freshly popped snowflowers along the hiking trails, and our beloved Truckee area mountain biking trails will be dry. The deep layers of winter sand will soon be removed from our favorite road biking routes and the temperatures will warm up enough to make kayaking on the lake seem like an attractive alternative. Of course it is spring, which also means it might snow like crazy and puts the kibosh on all that good stuff. Anything can happen in April and May, and probably will. Next week could bring daffodils or a fresh dumping of snow.

So just for fun, let’s assume this warm, snow melting weather continues. What do we do?

Kayak/Paddleboard-On a calm, sunny day in the spring you really can have the lake to yourself. At Donner Lake you can put in just about anywhere along Donner Pass Road. At Tahoe, the Common’s Beach in Tahoe City, or Hurricane Bay on the West Shore are easily accessible put ins. But don’t forget, that water is cold in April, so stay out of it.


Springtime Hikes-The first trails to emerge from the snow are south facing, lower elevation trails. The trail to the Vikingsholm and along the south facing side of Emerald Bay is one of the best, and the time to hike it is now, before the summer crowds arrive. Another good springtime hiking choice is the low-lying Tahoe Rim Trail heading north from Fairway Drive out of Tahoe City.

Truckee Trails-One of the first mountain biking (or hiking) trails to melt out is the Emigrant Trail between Prosser and Stampede Reservoirs. This is always a great ride, but especially in the spring when it is the only real game in town. It can get a bit busy on the weekends, so try to find time to get there mid-week if you can.

Sierra Valley-Now is the time to head to Sierraville with your road bike to ride the circuit around the Sierra Valley. A variety of routes in the 20-50 mile range are available on lightly used roads which travel over mostly level terrain. In the spring the valley is wet which means lots of wildflowers and an incredible variety of birds.


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