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Stand up Paddleboarding: Time to give it a try!   Leave a comment


By Tim Hauserman

For a number of years I was perfectly content to get my “be out on a lake” fix via kayak. You get a nice workout, while enjoying the quiet beauty of paddling along one of our gorgeous mountain lakes. I saw a lot of paddleboarders, but when I tried it I felt tippy and my feet hurt, so I went back to my bulky but still manageable one person kayak.

Then, it seemed that paddleboarders were everywhere, and if I wanted to play with friends I better get one. I went out a few times on borrowed boards, began to get the hang of it, and dove in and purchased one. While I’m still a bit timid and feel off balance, I love the feel of the board. I love the stroke of powering your way through the water which is similar to paddling a canoe. I love that the boards are lighter and easier to maneuver then kayaks, and I especially love being able to look down through the crystal clear Lake Tahoe and Donner Lake water to the bottom of the lake. It feels like flying.

The key for me to having fun paddleboarding is to consider the conditions before going out. You want glassy calm waters and as few boat wakes as possible. Which is why, I’ve been having so much fun this fall. If you get out in the morning mid-week you often can paddle for an hour without getting assaulted by a monster boat wake.

So what do you do when you have the time to get out but the wind has come up or the lake is full of boat wakes? The solution is obvious. Kayak. Each tool has it’s place in your quiver of Tahoe toys. Now you just have to find room for it all in your garage.
Where to Go:

Lake Tahoe: Similar to a kayak, it is best not to have to carry your board too far. Here are three public choices on Tahoe’s North and West Shore that give you that opportunity:

Waterman’s Landing at Carnelian Bay: In addition to easy access, they rent boards, give lessons, and have food and restrooms.
William Kent Campground Beach: Next to Sunnyside. A very short walk…IF you can get one of the prized parking spots that are also coveted by Sunnyside patrons or employees.
Hurricane Bay: Four miles south of Tahoe City, just park along the road walk 100 feet and you are on your way.

Donner Lake: Pick your public pier or access point along the lake’s North Shore.



Because we’re simply The BEST!   Leave a comment


Why should you consider purchasing a home in the Truckee/Tahoe area?

Because we’re simply The Best!


Photo by Michelle Portesi

Photo by Michelle Portesi


Those of us who have lived here most of our lives tend to not dwell on that simple fact, but fortunately, we have plenty of media tooting our horns to remind us.

No less than National Geographic voted us as one of the world’s best 25 top ski towns! Here’s a bit of what they had to say about us:

Truckee, California

Best For: Families with aspiring ski or rider rock star kids; also, ski and rider rock stars

In the Sierra Nevada north of Lake Tahoe, between Reno and South Lake Tahoe, the old logging and railway town of Truckee has bloomed into a ski mecca, with no less than eight different ski areas within 15 miles. The first recorded ski lift in the U.S. was a Truckee steam-powered toboggan lift in 1910, and the burg still maintains much of its Old West character, with wooden walkways in its historic downtown and a still active, clapboard train station (Amtrak service twice daily). Its population of 16,180 is growing fast, but the relaxed town has managed to eschew the glitz of the larger Tahoe resort scene. This is where the locals live…

To read the rest of the article, go here:



Old Town Truckee, CA


…and the horn tooting continues!

Fodor’s Travel just published a “5 Reasons to Go to Lake Tahoe this Winter”…and they are as follows:

  • The Mountains
  • The Vistas
  • The Snow
  • The Wilderness
  • The Hot Springs

Yes indeed, we have over a dozen ski resorts in the area, (not including the cross country skiing venues) which is impressive enough all by itself, but what we truly have over everyone else, is the views. With Lake Tahoe visible from many of the ski areas, arguably, no one can compete with our awe inspiring panoramas.


View from Squaw Valley's High Camp - Photo by Michelle Portesi

View from Squaw Valley’s High Camp – Photo by Michelle Portesi


Fodor’s Travel writes:

If skiing isn’t you thing, you can take truly beautiful winter hikes around the lake. The Tahoe basin is laced with snowshoe trails and you can find you way to some incredible winter vistas in very short order. Trails range in difficulty from beginner to truly epic and most ski resorts will rent you the snowshoes and equipment you’ll need. For a mind-blowing view you can enjoy without the hike, take one of the year-round scenic tours offered by Reno Tahoe Helicopters. They offer all kinds of flights, including an hour-long sunset tour. Be sure to bring your camera.



Photo by Fodor’s


To read more about what Fodor’s considers our 5 measures of marvelousness, go to this link:

If you want to get a different type of ‘air-born’ – other than on skis or snowboards, check out Reno Tahoe Helicopters:


Squaw Valley - Photo by Michelle Portesi

Squaw Valley – Photo by Michelle Portesi


…and speaking of Squaw Valley, the accolades for our fair area continues. Fox News and their viewers have voted Squaw Valley into the top 10 of their ‘Best Ski Resorts in North America’.

Well we can certainly see why. After combining with Alpine Meadows, they have the largest area of ski terrain in the basin, with ski runs that go from downright challenging to the beginner. Combined with the Olympic Skating Pavilion, a charming village for shopping, plenty of dining options and world class lodging, what more could you ask for?

To read more about why they think we’re the best choice for winter recreation, go to this link:


So what are you waiting for? Come join us in ‘God’s Country’.

Remember me, Lynn Richardson for all of your Tahoe/Truckee Real Estate needs.


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