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Off Season at Lake Tahoe and Truckee – A Great Time For Dining Discounts   Leave a comment

By Michelle Portesi


You know how it goes when you live here. You work your tail off in the high seasons so you can get through the slow ones. During the seasonal crazy that is Summer and Winter, some days all you can do is crawl wearily home and collapse.

Now that it’s spring, we can slow down a bit, catch our breath and venture out to take advantage of the local dining discounts that abound this time of year. And if there is anything this area excels in, it’s a wealth of great places to eat!

During the spring, local restaurants offer coupons, two for ones and deep discounts to try and entice both the locals and off season visitors alike to favor their establishments while they wait for the next round of seasonal crowds. It’s a given that most specials will end Memorial Day Weekend, while some will continue on for a few weeks after the holiday before the summer crowds descend. Be sure to check who will be doing what and when. Here are some suggestions to get you started.



Jason’s Beachside Grille. Photo from their website.



Step 1: Pick up The Tahoe Weekly or the local papers and clip their coupons. Here are just a few of the specials I noticed:


Jason’s Beachside Grille, Kings Beach. 20% off entire food bill, Sunday through Thursday until May 21.

West Shore Cafe, Homewood – 1/2 price dinner entrees Monday through Thursday – May 11- June 11. Go to for details.

Pianeta, Truckee – Featuring a ‘Paesano Speciale’ $25, which includes a glass of wine, soup or salad and choice of fresh pasta dishes – Sunday through Thursday. Inquire with your server.  (Michelle’s Note: Do this one! They hardly EVER run off season specials and the food is great! …and this coming from an Italian!)

Christy Hill, Tahoe City – Local’s Lakefront Menu – 3 course meal, $24, Sunday through Thursday (excludes holiday periods)

Old Range Steakhouse, Tahoe Vista- 3 course dinner, $29 for most selections: shrimp cocktail, salad, entree

The Soule Domain, Crystal Bay – 2 for 1 entrees, excludes Saturday’s and has a 2 course minimum. Make Reservations and bring coupon.


In addition, there are many places that offer Happy Hour specials such as Hacienda Del Lago in Tahoe City and Las Panchitas in Kings Beach.




Step 2: Don’t see your favorite place on the list? Go to their website or give them a call. There are just too many restaurants to list all the possibilities!
A quick perusal of a couple of my favorite haunts websites like Sunnyside Resort and The River Ranch revealed specials there as well, so let your cell phone do the calling to ask about their seasonal offerings and events.


The River Ranch. Photo from their website

The River Ranch. Photo from their website


River Ranch, Tahoe City (Hwy 89 and Alpine Meadows Rd). – 1/2 price specials on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, Friday Night Prime Rib through June 11th and Thursday 1/2 price wine list night. Wednesday features an all night happy hour.

Sunnyside Resort, Tahoe City (The west shore) – Burger and a beer, $10 every Tuesday night. The big bang for the off-season buck at Sunnyside are specials on room and dinner packages. If you’ve never visited our fair corner of the world, this is a great place to hang your hat while you check out the area.


Summer at Sunnyside Deck Opening

Summer at Sunnyside Deck Opening


Once you’ve fallen in love with the Sierra’s, call Lynn Richardson to find you the perfect Lake Tahoe or Truckee home – Where you’ll always have plenty of dining establishments to choose from!

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Spring Showers at Tahoe. Rain, Rain…It’s a good thing.   Leave a comment

By Tim Hauserman


Photo by Tim Hauserman

Photo by Tim Hauserman


Spring at Lake Tahoe. It’s a relative term. We can get gully washer thunderstorms one week, snow the next, and warm sunny days everywhere in between.

Tahoe folks don’t often talk about the joy of the sound of rain. To tell you the truth, we are not really rain people. We feel as if any moisture that reaches the ground between November and April (…and often into May and June!) should come in the form of snow. We savor deep white powder that gives us the chance to slide into our happy place. Or we revel in the dark blue sky and bright sunshine. But rain, like the kind we have been getting this season, what good is that?

Well, obviously, the biggest good we get from rain is that it is much needed moisture. A few baby steps towards filling up our lakes and streams, and helping to quench the thirst of the parched earth. But aside from all the long term benefits of all that lovely water, it’s also just a beautiful thing to get outside and take a walk on a rainy day or sit inside and enjoy the sounds of it pouring down.

The key to walking in the rain is to have the right clothing. If you cover yourself in rainproof gear and don a big floppy hat, you will be toasty and able to appreciate the sights and sounds of being in rain: The splosh and splat of your feet in the puddles. The patter patter of drops on your hat. The tiny circles created when the drops hit the ground. The gentle rabble of water rushing. The splashing of car tires.

To enhance the experience. Bring along a few youngsters in their galoshes. They splat in the puddles, spin around in circles and laugh at the simple joy of falling water. Go ahead, you can do it too. It’s good to be a kid.

Once you’ve had your fill, return to your mountain home. Doff those wet clothes. Start a fire in the stove, nurse a cup of hot chocolate, and sit back and listen to the show. Does it sound like the drops are tickling the roof? When a gust of wind hits, can you hear steel brushes gently hitting a cymbal? Does the ebb and flow of the rain sound like a symphony?

Sure, snow would be better, but there is much to be said about rain. And the trees are saying, Thank you. Bring it on.

And for 100 fun things to do here at Lake Tahoe and Truckee in the spring, be sure to read their online version here on page 8:   thetahoeweekly




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