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Winter is refusing to go quietly this year. I recently read that our snow pack is 300 % over average and Lake Tahoe was a mere few inches below it maximum legal rim. That’s pretty amazing. In an effort to keep the lake below the maximum, the flood gates at Tahoe City are spewing out water, and that’s in addition to the run off from snow melt when we do get a warm day. Local alerts warn people to stay away from the Truckee River, as her waters are raging and bike trails are under water. And all that snow pack hasn’t even melted yet!



Photo by Gavin Lura via Facebook


But the eventual spring thaw means one thing. People will be coming out to look at Real Estate and our busy summer season is just around the corner. For more information on the various Real Estate areas around Lake Tahoe and Truckee, click on this link to view the most recent real estate market stats on how local properties are performing. Then give me a call when you’re ready to list your property.




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Truckee River bike trail in Tahoe City

Truckee River bike trail in Tahoe City


Even though the recent snow storms have given a late season boost to the ski season, the lower elevations of the Sierra are still either devoid of snow, or down to a pittance. So is there a good side to the mild winter we had?


This year, we’ve been given the opportunity to get out there and do our favorite outdoor activities earlier then ever. In fact, some great mountain biking and hiking trails will soon be ready for us to enjoy. Here are a few suggestions for places to go:


Bliss to Emerald Bay

Bliss to Emerald Bay


Truckee Trails-All those wide open spaces north of Truckee are beginning to open up for mountain biking, hiking and running. The Emigrant Trail should be snow free soon, as well as the dirt roads between Prosser, Boca and Stampede Reservoirs. The Donner Rim trail is another sunny place to trek with views of the Sierra Crest and Donner Lake.  If you haven’t tried one yet, this might be a good time to try a Fat Bike. These bruisers with super big tires, can roll right over any remaining packed down snow and mud.

photo Donner Rim

Donner Lake Rim Trail


Emerald Bay-The trail to the Vikingsholm and along the south facing side of the bay is ready for hiking. Keep your eyes peeled for eagles and ospreys, and enjoy the quiet trails without the throngs of folks you will find there mid-summer.


Get on the lake-If you are treated to a warm day with no wind, grab your paddleboard or kayak and head to Donner Lake or Lake Tahoe. It’s beautiful, and probably free of boat wakes. But stay on your board and out of the water, because while the air temperature might be cozy, the water will be cold.

Donner Lake

Donner Lake


Hit the TRT-The Tahoe Rim Trail section which heads north out of Tahoe City (from Fairway Drive) is south facing at a low elevation, the perfect combination for an early snowmelt. Climb for about a mile to a spectacular view of Lake Tahoe and the Truckee River canyon, and feel the joy of boots on dirt.


Walk the river-The Truckee River Bike trail from Tahoe City to Squaw Valley is mostly free of snow. Take a relaxing stroll along the river.


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