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Truckee River bike trail in Tahoe City

Truckee River bike trail in Tahoe City


Even though the recent snow storms have given a late season boost to the ski season, the lower elevations of the Sierra are still either devoid of snow, or down to a pittance. So is there a good side to the mild winter we had?


This year, we’ve been given the opportunity to get out there and do our favorite outdoor activities earlier then ever. In fact, some great mountain biking and hiking trails will soon be ready for us to enjoy. Here are a few suggestions for places to go:


Bliss to Emerald Bay

Bliss to Emerald Bay


Truckee Trails-All those wide open spaces north of Truckee are beginning to open up for mountain biking, hiking and running. The Emigrant Trail should be snow free soon, as well as the dirt roads between Prosser, Boca and Stampede Reservoirs. The Donner Rim trail is another sunny place to trek with views of the Sierra Crest and Donner Lake.  If you haven’t tried one yet, this might be a good time to try a Fat Bike. These bruisers with super big tires, can roll right over any remaining packed down snow and mud.

photo Donner Rim

Donner Lake Rim Trail


Emerald Bay-The trail to the Vikingsholm and along the south facing side of the bay is ready for hiking. Keep your eyes peeled for eagles and ospreys, and enjoy the quiet trails without the throngs of folks you will find there mid-summer.


Get on the lake-If you are treated to a warm day with no wind, grab your paddleboard or kayak and head to Donner Lake or Lake Tahoe. It’s beautiful, and probably free of boat wakes. But stay on your board and out of the water, because while the air temperature might be cozy, the water will be cold.

Donner Lake

Donner Lake


Hit the TRT-The Tahoe Rim Trail section which heads north out of Tahoe City (from Fairway Drive) is south facing at a low elevation, the perfect combination for an early snowmelt. Climb for about a mile to a spectacular view of Lake Tahoe and the Truckee River canyon, and feel the joy of boots on dirt.


Walk the river-The Truckee River Bike trail from Tahoe City to Squaw Valley is mostly free of snow. Take a relaxing stroll along the river.


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Your Tahoe-Truckee Top Five for 2014.   Leave a comment

Yes, it’s that time of year again. When we take stock of 2013, and make plans for the steps we want to take in 2014. Let’s not call them resolutions, because we know those usually don’t work. What if instead, we just look at doing a few things in 2014 that will make us feel good, while maybe doing good for the community as well:

1) Find a local organization to support: While giving is an important part of what makes the winter holidays special, how about continuing that spirit of giving all year round? In fact the organizations that do good around these parts probably need our help even more once the soft glow of Christmas giving has flittered away. Whether it’s a financial donation or a gift of your time, it will be greatly appreciated and will brighten up the lives of those in need.  Hands on Tahoe is a wonderful organization that connects volunteers to the community.

Community Christmas Food Drive

Community Christmas Food Drive

2) Try a new sport: Have you paddleboarded, kayaked, road biked, cross-country skied or snowshoed? Or thought about trying something a little more daring like snow kiting or rock climbing? The Sierra is loaded with different ways to enjoy what nature has given us, and there are lots of folks who can rent you the equipment and teach you how to do your new sport right. Who knows, perhaps it will become your new favorite.

Hiking in January above Donner Lake

Hiking in January above Donner Lake

3) Find a new trail: If you’ve hiked or biked much of the Tahoe Rim Trail or the Donner Lake Rim Trail, how about finding a new and different trail to explore. There is nothing quite as cool as that first time on a lovely ribbon of single track.

4) Seek out a new business. There are many small businesses that show off the work of local artists, or put out a delicious cup of joe. Go out there and experience something new. In the process you will help a few Tahoe/Truckee folks bring in some money, which they will then turn around and spend to support other businesses and our little towns.

5) Still want to make a resolution to lose ten pounds? What if instead you call it a “get outside every day and do something active in our beautiful place” resolution? It’s amazing how being outside in the wilderness where there are no refrigerators just makes the pounds drop off.


Have a very Happy New Year, and go have some fun!

Not much snow. Now what?   Leave a comment

Winters in the Sierra are unpredictable. While we almost always get plenty of snow, we don’t necessarily get it early enough for your Christmas plans. In case the white stuff doesn’t step up to the plate and make a quick appearance, here are a few alternatives to get through the holidays and have some fun:


Snowshoeing at Mt Rose

Using the snow we have

Even when there isn’t enough snow for some great powder skiing or a 20 kilometer jaunt out to Point Moriah,  at Royal Gorge there is still some around for playing.

Get High: Head up to Tahoe Meadows, at the summit of the Mt. Rose Highway. At nearly 9000 feet there is plenty of snow to make Snow Women or build forts.  I was out snowshoeing along the Tahoe Rim trail last week and it was beautiful.  You don’t even need snowshoes, good hiking boots will work, but watch the slippery trails.  The views are outstanding!

Take a hike up into Coldstream Canyon out of Donner Lake.  You can hike or snowshoe.  Cross country skiing is a bit tricky since there are rocks and dirt to scoot around.

The Tahoe City Winter Sports Park is located on the summer grounds of the Tahoe City Golf Course. There must be something about snow sitting on grass that allows for good skiing without much snow, because this might be the best place to skate ski until the next big storm arrives.

Sledding is limited, but there’s the park at Boreal and Granlibakken.  Or find a shaded hillside and there’s probably enough snow to have fun on.


Other outdoor ideas

I’ve been seeing people out fishing at Donner Lake and kayaking and canoeing at Tahoe and Donner.  Be careful since you don’t want to take a swim.

There’s ice skating at Northstar and Squaw and the Villages are fun to stroll – good shopping and eats.

Take a bike ride.  You still need to dress warm and mid afternoon is the warmest time of day.

Walking out by Boca, Prosser or Stampede Reservoirs.  These lakes are east of Truckee and don’t get as much snow as some areas and there’s lots of sunshine.

Shop Local

Tahoe and Truckee have a host of small businesses that support local artisans. Four stores which consistently display unique and interesting gifts are Bespoke and Riverside Studios on Commercial Row in Truckee, The Trunk Show in The Cobblestone in Tahoe City and Jai-Yen in the center of Kings Beach.  Truckee’s old downtown is a great place to check out the local shops and great restaurants.

Get good eatin’s

Try the new Picnic, a take-out place for delicious sandwiches, salads and paninis in Tahoe City near the Safeway.   Marty’s Café  in Downtown Truckee has large servings of amazing food.  For more healthy appetites try Wild Cherries and Whole Treats which are located in Truckee on Donner Pass Road as you are driving towards Donner Lake.

Go to the lake

Head to the shores of Donner Lake or Lake Tahoe. The lakes are easier to get to when the shoreline is not buried in snow. Take a book, a warm jacket and a comfy fold-up chair and enjoy the water lapping along the shore.

Finally, once you’ve enjoyed all that the region has to offer, set yourself down in front of a warm fire, and sip a mug of mulled cider or hot cocoa. Ahh. Now you’re talking. snowman


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