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Your Summer Checklist – Part 2: Fun in the Sun   Leave a comment


Continued from Part 1 – Your Summer Checklist- All Through the House.

In Part 2 of our Summer Checklist,  focus is on summer recreation and prepping all of your outdoor gear.


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7) Get outdoor gear ready. This is a biggie here in outdoor recreation nirvana. I once saw a cartoon that had a VW Bug packed with every sort of bike, ski, canoe, outdoor recreation toy, etc. one could possibly imagine.  Two guys looked on admiringly at this feat of car packing magnificence. The caption read: “All the toys ON and IN my car are worth more than the car itself!!!  How true this is! I can’t help but laugh about it as I pull out my winter gear from the back of the car; ice skates, snowshoes and snow boots, etc… and replace them with beach chairs, towels, bike rack and hiking boots. Here are just a few suggestions to get you ready for summer.

Camping Gear: Now is the time to check your tent for holes and leaks, (as apposed to pitching it out in the wilderness and discovering during a downpour that what you really have is an enclosed camping shower).  Check and fill propane tanks for camp stoves and lanterns. Pack matches in waterproof containers. Find all of your sleeping bags, coolers, cooking and eating utensils, backpacks, fanny packs, hiking boots, etc and have them ready to go. It’s annoying to have to spend hours scrounging around the Christmas ornaments and winter gear in the garage looking for all these items when you’re trying to ‘Get Out Of Dodge’ for a last minute camping trip.

Bikes: Check your bike tires and brakes. Replace flat or cracked tires. There are plenty of places in town that do bike tune ups if you’re like me and don’t have time to do it yourself. It’s a messy job anyway. Invest in a small bicycle pump and a few emergency bike tools. Add a basket or pannier to touring bikes for carrying everything from groceries to day trip picnics.

Canoes, kayaks, small boats, etc. Make sure there are no leaks, and all the equipment is in the craft. Life vests and paddles are a must. I’ve overheard many a person groaning that they forgot their paddles after the kayak was already in the water.

Beach Bag of Summer Stuff. I always try to have these items in a large beach bag or day pack in my car at all times:  Sunscreen, chapstick, sun hat or visor, tissues, small flashlight, small fanny pack, water bottle, towel, dry socks, flip flops, small rain poncho in a pouch and Swiss army knife. These items are a life saver for impromptu beach or hiking outings to Summer night events. (You’ll thank me later when you have a handy little flash light so you’re not stumbling back to your car in the pitch black darkness after a late night event – for which  Shakespeare at Sand Harbor comes immediately to mind…)

Low backed beach chair and outdoor blanket. There are so many summer events for which these are a must, that I always have them in the back of my car.  You’ll also want them for those trips to the beach or a campsite rendezvous too.


Summer at Sunnyside Deck Opening

Summer at Sunnyside Deck Opening


8) Make a list of everything you want to do this summer. Like I said, summer’s here are glorious, but brief. Time tends to slip away, we lose track of half the things we wanted to do, and before you know it, summer is gone. I’m usually not one for lists, but having one on the ‘fridge keeps my goals daily in my face so I remember to do them, and there is a real feeling of accomplishment as I check them off. My personal to do list usually involves favorite hikes, bike rides along the river or lake,  hanging out on the deck at some of my favorite restaurants and BBQ’s with friends.  I started my list already! We attended Sunnyside Restaurant and Lodge’s official opening of their outdoor deck kick off (see photo above) and did the popular Shirley Lake Hike, (see last year’s post on this hike here):

From Houzz Summer Checklist:


How about you? Do you have any tips for summer to do lists or summer must haves? Things to do, places to go, events to see? Let us know in the Comments section.  And we’ll keep you posted on all the fun happenings at Lake Tahoe, Truckee and the surrounding area.


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Your Summer Checklist- Part 1: All Through the House   Leave a comment

Seeing as winter is a longer and much more severe season here in the mountains,  we’ve done several posts on the ‘To Do’ Checklists to get you winter ready.

But today, I ran across this GREAT article on Houzz on items you should be doing while the weather is nice. Summer’s here are glorious, but brief.  There are just some things that need to be done when the weather is warm.

From both a maintenance and real estate standpoint, a few of the suggested House Maintenance Items really rung especially true for our neck of the woods, which I’ll elaborate about here on the blog, but for the rest of the Houzz suggestions, go here:


Click on photo to go to the Houzz website for more summer ideas


1) Paint your house! Whether you’re intending to list your home, or are already living in it, if the exterior is starting to look a little weather worn, a fresh coat of paint or stain not only will give your exterior a freshening up that ads curb appeal, but will also protect the materials from drying out and falling apart. An ounce of prevention and all…

2) Check your foundation. It’s near impossible to do this when there is 6 feet of snow covering it, unless you really just get off on doing some extra shoveling. Do it now while it’s easy to see. Given our vast freeze/thaw temperature issues, nipping this one in the bud and fixing it now can save you a world of heartache and expense later. Open vents to allow air circulation.

3) Clean the gutters. Reattach broken ones that may have pulled away from the house. And check into other options to keep them that way. Houzz had some good suggestions.

4) Change the direction of your ceiling fans. Not all fans have this feature, most people don’t even know about it when they do. In winter you want the fan to push warm air down, but in the summer, you want the fan to pull warm air up. This is a must have feature if you’re currently thinking about adding ceiling fans to your home. We don’t usually need to install air conditioners here, as ceiling fans do a good job of circulating air and controlling indoor temperatures in our cooler summer climate.

5) Install new screens or replace broken screens on windows and doors. If you can create some cross ventilation, screens allow Mother Nature to move the air for you without letting all the bugs in. One caveat though. In bear country, never leave open doors and windows while you’re out unless you want to come home to a fury beast in your pantry, or a demolished one thereof. They laugh in the face of screens as a deterrent for entrance, especially if they smell something tasty. Bear-1, Screen-0.

6) Resurface your driveway. Winter is not only hard on our roads. Snowplows and ice tend to disintegrate your driveways and walkways as well. Think about a fresh coat before next winter.

7) Clean out the garage. Admit it! We ALL just hate doing this! Trudging through the detritus of belongings that just seems to get thrown in the garage in a haphazard heap is no fun for anyone. But summer is the time to get this area organized! Put all tools back where they belong. If you don’t have a dedicated tool chest or bench, consider installing one. Invest in metal shelving to store paints and solvents, holiday decorations, winter and summer gear, garden tools and any other items that accumulate in the garage. Throw out broken items you have no intention of ever fixing or have a garage sale and/or donate anything you will never use again. Pat yourself on the back when you’re finally able to actually park the car in the garage again!


How about you? Do you have any tips for summer to do lists or summer must haves?  Let us know in the Comments section.  And we’ll keep you posted on all the fun happenings at Lake Tahoe, Truckee and the surrounding area.



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 Coming up next: Your Summer Checklist, Part 2: Fun in the Sun. Getting all of your summer gear ready and fun things to do, places to go, events to see in Tahoe, Truckee and the surrounding areas.


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