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Morgan’s: A different kind of Freshie!   Leave a comment

By Tim Hauserman


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Morgan’s. West River Street in Old Downtown Truckee


Do you like fresh seafood, but are not necessarily enamored with what you can find at the supermarket? There is an alternative right here in Truckee: Morgan’s Lobster Shack and Fish Market. You can stop in to pick up the freshest tastiest fish around to cook at home, or you can just leave the cooking to Morgan’s.

A few weeks ago, I had a hankering for some good fish and headed over to Morgan’s and picked up a halibut steak at the Fish Market. At first blush, it seemed pretty dang expensive for less then a pound of fish, but a few hours later when I was savoring those delicious fresh flavors I decided it was worth the price. In addition to halibut, the market supplies swordfish, char, tuna, salmon or whatever else might be in season. The shell fish they sell includes all the usual suspects: shrimp, crap, clams and lobsters. If you have something in particular on your mind, call ahead to see what they have.

If fish sounds good, but you want someone else to do the cooking, you settle in for some mac and cheese with bacon and big hunks of lobster. Now that is comfort food, and just $12. The fish that arrived with the fish and chips was light and flavorful and the coleslaw was a hit. All for just $13. As you head up the price scale, you get lobster rolls, and shrimp plates, or you can go for the pick it yourself set up where you choose your brand of fish and how you want it cooked.


Eat In or Take Out

Eat In or Take Out


The ambiance is relaxed and basic, you can grab a meal to go, or take a seat at one of the few bar stools against the wall. Either way, the star is the fresh seafood. Enjoy.

Morgans Lobster Shack and Fish Market
10087 West River Street (Across from Diego’s)



Focus on Local Businesses: Truckee Meat Company   Leave a comment

~By Michelle Portesi


IMG_1820Did you know we now have our very own butcher and fresh organic meat purveyor in Truckee?  Well, you do now!

Located on Donner Pass Road in the same complex as Smokey’s Kitchen (Across from what used to be the outlet stores) is your new venue for organic meats and unusual cuts that are hard to find. Yesterday while I was in the store, they had fresh rabbit in the case. Now how often do you see that at the grocery store?

The store is closed on Monday and Tuesday so that the owners, Clint and Linda Clark, can drive to wherever they need to go to get their fresh offerings. They are also amenable to special orders, as long as you give them enough notice as to what you’re looking for.




IMG_1819For instance, as a hearty peasant stock Italian, one of our family recipes is for an appropriately peasant version of Polenta. Our version has lamb ribs in it, which are near impossible to find these days as most of our lamb is no longer butchered at the store. Only the select cuts are offered, and as a result, the less desirable cuts never see the light of day at your local grocers. Well, my search is over for this hard to find item. A phone call or a stop into the store for a request is now all that is needed. Now if I can only locate those even harder to find little Italian sausages…

The store carries beef, lamb, pork, chicken and the most awesome applewood smoked bacon you’ve ever tasted, hand cut on the spot to the thickness you desire. They were setting out fresh chorizo sausage when I was there. And all are nitrate-free, organic and USDA-approved. In addition, they buy locally from small Northern California, family owned ranches who practice good animal husbandry. AND it’s all surprisingly reasonably priced for organic meats.  With more and more studies pointing towards non organic meat practices underlying a myriad of health issues, a focus on quality meats instead of quantity dovetails nicely with our local outlook towards healthy living…and good eating.

The Tahoe Tribune wrote an excellent article on the store and the new owners, so I’ll just direct you there to read more about them.

From Ranch to Market- Truckee Meat Company








More info

What: Truckee Meat Company

Location: 12030 Donner Pass Road, Truckee

Phone: 530-414-8585

Online: Find them on Facebook

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