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by Tim Hauserman

One of my favorite events on the summer calendar every year is the Tour De Manure metric century ride, this year set for June 18th in Sierraville. The 62 mile ride passes through spectacularly beautiful farm country with wildflowers and a plethora of birds. And the company is awesome, a great group of Tahoe and Truckee riders who get to enjoy a day in the relaxing farm country of the Sierra Valley. After the ride, the fun continues with great food and music.

The ride:
Starting in Sierraville (25 miles north of Truckee on Highway 89) you head north on Highway 89/49 to Sattley, where a right turn begins the long pull across the Sierra Valley on A-23. The roads are straight and flat, and lightly traveled, making perfect conditions for large groups of riders to peloton across the valley. At Highway 70 in Beckwourth, a right turn brings you to A-24 which winds back across the wide open rangeland to Loyalton. Here, the first real hill is added with an out and back jaunt on Smithneck Road. The final leg is back to Sierraville along Highway 49, with plenty of awesome views and birds to help you complete the circle. Hopefully you get here before the notorious Sierra Valley afternoon winds add an extra level of spice to the event.

The volunteers:
As Doug Read, one of the organizers says, “It’s a bunch of firefighters who never get on bikes putting on a century ride for people who do.” And yes, it is a great bunch of firefighters who volunteer to make the event a success, but it is also a joint effort of much of the town of Sierraville, as the event is the major fundraiser for the local fire department. The volunteers give the event a happy small town feel that can’t be beat.


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The food and music
Tri tip and chicken, pasta and salad, and plenty of desserts. And beer of course. You’ve built up an appetite, they will take care of it. While eating you can listen to Tahoe and Sierra Valley resident Michael Hogan and The Simpletones play country and blue grass until the cows come home, or you are ready for a nap.

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Truckee Day 47

By Tim Hauserman

The warm temperatures of spring bring waterfalls and wildflowers to the Sierra. Spring also, uncovers all that litter which accumulated under the snow during the winter. The 13th annual Truckee Day on June 4th is an opportunity to clean up a good portion of that litter and make Truckee sparkle again. It is also a time to enjoy the springtime by getting out and playing with your neighbors.

Truckee Day is a town-wide clean up and civic pride day. Volunteers spend their morning joining an estimated 500 other folks making their town look cleaner. Then the afternoon is spent being festive at the the Truckee River Regional Park where a BBQ and community expo will be happening. Volunteers get a T-shirt and free lunch ticket.

“It’s a really special day because it brings the whole community together. It celebrates community and cleans up the beautiful place we live in,” says event coordinator Erica Jue, Recycling Coordinator for the Town of Truckee. For information on the event contact Erica at 582-2909.

In addition to cleaning up garbage, you could also lend a hand to the community by becoming a Weed Warrior with the Truckee River Watershed Council. While council representative Jeannette Halderman hopes some invasive weeds get removed, the real goal is to educate the public on what weeds are invasive and causing problems in the region. For information on the weed warrior program contact Jeannette at 550-8760 x 6.




Squaw Valley Institute: The medicinal use of marijuana.   Leave a comment

By Tim Hauserman

Eight year old North Tahoe resident Julian Gaube suffers from cerebral palsy and a rare form of epilepsy called Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome. For a time, Julian suffered up to 30 seizures in a day, and his parents began desperately searching for an answer to reduce the number and length of Julian’s seizures. They discovered, CBD, a compound produced by marijuana which doesn’t have the “get you high” effect of the THC portion of the plant, but which has been shown to help kids living with seizure disorders. While Julian still has seizures, they are much less frequent and less devastating then they were in the past.

Julian’s mom, Moonshine Ink Associate Editor Kara Fox, will tell her son’s story as the introduction to a special presentation by the Squaw Valley Institute on the medical benefits of cannabis, and the research that is being done to use cannabis to improve people’s health.

Following Fox, a panel discussion on the topic will be led by Denver Relief Consulting co-founders Kayvan Khalatbari and Ean Seeb. Denver Relief is a cannabis dispensary which regularly serves several thousand patients in Denver, Colorado. According to the Squaw Valley Institute “Khalatbari worked with entrepreneurs pursuing business in the cannabis field who are interested in social responsibility and like minded endeavors.” He was also a founding board member of the Board of Directors for the Medical Marijuana Assistance Program of America (MMAPA), and works with at-risk kids through the Denver Kids program.

The event will be held at the Resort at Squaw Creek, on January 29th. Door open at 5:30 and the presentation begins at 6:30 pm. Tickets are $15.00 for adults and free for SVI members. For information go to

Upcoming Squaw Valley Institute event: On February 4th, Meg Crofton, Retired Walt Disney Executive, will share her amazing experience of working for Disney for 35 years.


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