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Contributing writer: Michelle Portesi


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The Lake Tahoe area becomes Wedding Day Central during the summer months. June Brides (July, August and September too) will find a plethora of picture perfect places to have their special day in the scenic Lake Tahoe region. Outdoor and indoor wedding venues abound, whether you want a casual outdoor garden wedding or a formal sit down dinner in opulent indoor settings…and everything in between.

The area also has no end of caterers, restaurants, florists, musicians, wedding planners and photographers, rental purveyors, bartenders, bands and bakers…well, just about everything you’ll ever need to host a memorable and exquisite wedding and reception. Interview your choices for venues and purveyors of services that interest you and be sure to book them early. Our warm but wonderful season is brief, so those in the industry have their calendars fill up fast.

buttonhole-63985579 Fancy an outdoor setting? I’m partial to Sugar Pine Point State Park on the West Shore of Lake Tahoe myself. I’ve been to several weddings at the historic estate, and with the vintage Ehrman Mansion as your backdrop, weddings there always  feel like you just strolled into an opulent  garden party a la the Great Gatsby Era.  Most state parks don’t allow amplified music, but fear not, wonderful 4 piece string quartets play lilting melodies while you overlook the spectacular grounds along the waters edge, completing the bygone era appeal.

Sugar Pine Point however, is not the only vintage style wedding areas at the lake, There are other state parks that also cater to the soon to be married such as Valhalla at the Tallac Historic Site. Whatever area strikes your fancy, be aware that some areas of the park may stay open to the public, and be sure that the park’s stipulations can meet all of the criteria you want for your wedding and reception. If you prefer a DJ or live band with a dance floor, inquire if your favorite venue will accommodate your needs. You will also need to submit a wedding date application in advance. Go to the California State Parks Website to download forms and learn more about other places in the area that offers wedding facilities. Feel good about the fact that the revenue raised from weddings and events helps to fund our state parks.

Though not part of the state park system, The Thunderbird Lodge is also a favorite historic wedding site as well. http://thunderbirdtahoe.org/

Also be aware that our weather is very changeable, and for outdoor weddings, rented tent awnings…or a backup plan B are always a good idea.


If you would prefer a nice restaurant or other popular indoor venue for your wedding, June is the perfect month to plan for it. It’s still considered the shoulder season at the lake. The summer high season doesn’t officially kick off full tilt until July 4th. As a result, many restaurants don’t have as much steady business and are willing to close their doors to the public for weddings and other special events.  Lodging is also more plentiful and often less expensive that time of year for you and your out of town guests.

Hope for warm and sunny days, but plan on some chilly ones (it’s not unheard of to get snow in June!). Do remember also that no matter how warm it is during the day, even in the middle of summer, temperatures can drop drastically once the sun goes down. Outdoor heaters are common for evening weddings and should be planned into your budget.

Don’t overlook ski resorts as an option. We have the most ski resorts concentrated in one place in the entire U.S.   Most have large banquet facilities that are still open for business during the summer, even when the majority of the ski area is shut down. You can find their links in the column to the left.

Charming chapels with tall windows and scenic views are also scattered throughout the area if you prefer a church wedding.

282812051570564235_q1QiFhbs_fObviously these are more traditional weddings that require months of planning. If you decide on a whim that you’d like to tie the knot, don’t discount the ever popular impromptu weddings that also make Lake Tahoe a popular wedding destination. (The close proximity to Nevada helps get a quick marriage license in hand.) There are private lakefront estates that are available to rent, scenic beaches are everywhere and even the Emerald Bay Tea House Island has often been a site for small nuptials. A few family, friends and a parson and you’re good to go.

In short, Lake Tahoe can accommodate everything from the most over the top extravaganza to an intimate budget minded affair.

While the following list doesn’t even begin to cover all the possible options, it’s a good place to start to peruse some of the areas many wedding day charms.


After all, it’s your day. Do it your way!








RENTAL EQUIPMENT http://www.eventmastersusa.com/

MUSIC: The String Beings. I love these guys! http://www.thestringbeings.com/index.htm

(Gabi does mostly sports photography, but she’d love the opportunity to do weddings. It’s a safe bet that the bridal party won’t be racing at 50 mph! However, if such a themed sports wedding is part of your plan, she’s your gal!)  http://delilahfotography.photoshelter.com/#!/index


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