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By Tim Hauserman

Photos by Far West Nordic Association.

This Sunday April 23rd is the Billy Dutton Uphill. It is tougher then it looks, and it looks pretty damn tough. The event climbs up the Mountain Run at Squaw Valley. It’s just around five kilometers to the top, a piece of cake for a cross country skier or runner right? Well, wrong, because it’s 2000 feet of climbing. It’s hard, but it’s also spectacularly beautiful to ski the Squaw terrain in the early morning, enjoy an awesome party at the top with an always cool group of local folks, and then enjoy the view from the tram as you head back down the hill. Or you can be one of the truly adventurous and join a few crazies who ski back down the hill on their skinnies.

The race is run in memory of Billy Dutton, one of the founders of the Tahoe Nordic Search and Rescue. He was a Squaw Valley kid who used to like to ski up the mountain on his classic skis before succumbing to cancer several decades ago. Members of his family join the event every year.




The Billy Dutton attracts cross country skiers, and snowshoers/runners and has different prize categories for each. A few runners have come close to winning the event every year, and are often in the lead until the several hundred yard downhill just before the finish. The Billy Dutton is a fundraiser for Far West Nordic’s Junior program. The party at High Camp includes an excellent silent auction and raffle prizes, as well as music and food and a chance to catch your breath while enjoying the amazing view.

Every skier or runner should try the Billy Dutton at least once. I’ve done it about five times, even though every time I do it I wonder why I’m doing this to myself once again. The trick of course is to ski slow and steady, which has never been my strong suit. I go way too fast out of the gate, followed by leaning over my poles gasping for breath. Whatever your technique, it’s a true iconic Tahoe event that should definitely be on every cross country skier or runners bucket list.


As the snow melts   Leave a comment

By Tim Hauserman

While it has been taking it’s sweet time, the snow of this mega winter is finally beginning to disappear. Underneath those copious quantities of snow many of us are rediscovering our early winter oopsies: The stuff we should perhaps have brought inside before the Snowmegeddon arrived. Take a walk around any neighborhood and you are bound to see lots of interesting things finally seeing the sunshine.

Cars that folks apparently didn’t need this winter are now emerging from the snow, and some of those cars are topped by camper shells. Unfortunately some of those camper shells look like a giant squashed beer can.

There are kayaks, and boat trailers, and lots and lots of tree limbs and in some cases, tree trunks, making an appearance. In my case I found a huge cedar limb on my garage roof, and was recently reacquainted with a row of Wal Mart $2 solar pathway lights. They were under ten feet of snow for three months and they can still put out light. Not bad for two bucks.


I also recently discovered my bear proof garbage container. About two months ago the county snowblower doused it with about five feet of frozen cement chunks, after which I threw up the white flag of surrender until spring. When the container did finally come out of hibernation, even though it was full of garbage from months ago, it didn’t smell as bad as I thought. Being packed in ice does keep things fresh.

If you haven’t been to your Sierra home in a few months…you might want to come on up and take a look. Hopefully what you left there is in good shape, and you don’t have any new additions to the outdoor decor like a fallen tree. There are also likely to be some newly created water channels from all the early winter rain we received.

Speaking of water channels, if you haven’t seen it yet, check out the roaring Truckee River. Most of the dam gates in Tahoe City are open, as the watermaster is trying to keep Lake Tahoe from reaching it’s legal maximum of 6229 feet which is only about one foot away…and there is still a lot of snow in them there hills.


The Global Cafe – Tahoe Vista   Leave a comment



The Global Cafe. Order at the counter and your food will be up in a jiffy!


By Michelle Portesi

Located across the street from the Tahoe Vista Boat Ramp and Beach, the new Global Cafe is an old building that has been completely remodeled and revamped from its previous life as a Mexican ‘to go’ taqueria.  While I just loved those little tacos with cilantro, onion and lime, this little cafe is a much needed improvement.

Having lived at Tahoe Vista some time ago, I always lamented that there was no place nearby to just walk over and get a latte or breakfast without hopping in my car. With so many vacation hotels, motels and condos in the area in addition to the year round neighborhoods, it was something that was sorely missing.

Well, lament no more! The Global Cafe serves everything from breakfast, to lunch to an early dinner.

On recommendation from the gals running the front end, I had the breakfast burrito with sausage. Not only was it extremely tasty, but it was HUGE! Not being a ravenous, 6 foot, muscle bound buff male ready to conquer some hill, I easily made 4 meals out of it. (Hint: ask for a to go box when you order as you will most likely be taking some of it home.  Or better still, bring your own bag for the leftovers).



Breakfast Burrito with potatoes, egg, mild green chili, sausage (add on), cheddar and jack cheese with a fantastic dipping sauce!


And goodness knows, you can’t beat the view! You can sit at the window and gaze out at beautiful Lake Tahoe while having your coffee and reading the paper, or pack it all up and head across the street and dine at the beach. Park it at one of the picnic tables or bring your towel and beach chair along and eat at the waters edge.

In addition to their eclectic breakfast selections, they also serve soups and salads, burgers (both vegetarian and regular), sandwiches and flat bread pizzas. Made with the freshest ingredients, while the food is made fast, this certainly is no fast food joint.



View of the Tahoe Vista Beach from the bar seat at the Global Cafe, Tahoe Vista, CA


The Global Cafe also serves a wide variety of espresso drinks, tea, Italian sodas,  wine and an impressive array of specialty beers to wet your whistle.

Visit their website to view their complete menu, promotions (Tahoe Adventure Company Paddle Tours) and for more information.


The Global Cafe is located at:

7019 N. Lake Blvd, Tahoe Vista CA

PHONE: 1-530-553-1717

Sun – Wed ….. 7am – 5pm
Thu – Sat……   7am – 7pm





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