Truckee’s Brickelltown is Getting a Makeover!   1 comment


Brickletown Streetscape

Engineering Plan of Brickelltown Areas to be updated along Donner Pass Road


By Michelle Portesi


Last summer you may have noticed roadwork being done in Old Downtown Truckee. Phase I of infrastructure upgrades were underway to help facilitate the new Brickelltown plan.

The main thoroughfare of the original Old Downtown Truckee has long since been completed. Walkways were improved by adding trees with fairy lights, landscaping and added parking, thus further enticing people to come downtown to stroll, shop and eat amongst the many shops and bistros. I’ll confess, just driving through the thoroughfare of lit trees at night gives me the warm fuzzies. Who wouldn’t want to go Downtown?


downtown truckee at night

Old Downtown Truckee


Brickelltown on the other hand, which starts on the west side of Spring Street and culminates at Burger Me and the roundabout, has had upgrades in fits and starts.  New buildings in the spirit of the original vintage architecture were built in some sections that housed interesting boutiques throughout the years and there have been various restaurants in the historical CB White House, but the separation between the main shopping area plus the economy hitting the skids seems to have made it difficult for many long term businesses in Brickelltown to stay in business. Some have weathered the years, but their pedestrian levels have never matched the foot traffic of just a mere block away. Vacant buildings, several non retail/restaurant endeavors interspersed amidst limited parking or just plain dirt on the railroad side only added to the overall feeling of it not being a place anyone had any reason to go out of their way to venture to.


Brickletown CB White House

Rendering of plan for the CB White House Area


That’s about to change. The Town of Truckee is endeavoring to make Brickelltown just as enticing as Old Downtown a few steps away. The creation of sidewalks and a small landscaped plaza near the front of Marg’s Bistro was the start of tying the two areas together. (Marg’s helped the overall feeling by adding pleasant outdoor seating as well.) This summer, those efforts will continue, as the above ground Phase II plans are implemented to add more pedestrian friendly  walkways, landscaping, small plazas and parking. No doubt those improvements will help businesses in Brickelltown by joining the two areas together and add to the entire experience of visitors and locals alike to our Historic Downtown Truckee.


Brickelltown Wergland House

Improvements being added along Donner Pass Road in Brickelltown


To read more about this summer’s phase of the project, parking schedules, road closures, (or if you really enjoy perusing engineering plans), visit the Town of Truckee’s website at:


To learn more about Brickelltown’s history and the Town of Truckee’s building requirements for improvements to the historic district, go here:







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